St. Katharine Docks Marina

St. Katharine Docks, Haven Building, 50 St Katharine's Way, St Katharine's & Wapping, London, E1W 1LA

Mooring Cost

<10m, £7.92 per metre per night - £37.20 per metre per week - £111.59 per metre per month

10m <12m, £8.48 per metre per night - £39.86 per metre per week - £119.56 per metre per month

12m <14m, £8.56 per metre per night - £40.22 per metre per week - £120.66 per metre per month

14m <16m, £8.74 per metre per night - £41.06 per metre per week - £123.17 per metre per month

16m <28m, £9.10 per metre per night - £42.74 per metre per week - £128.22 per metre per month

>28m, £9.79 per metre per night - £46.01 per metre per week - £138.03 per metre per month

All berth prices are in £s and include VAT at 20%

Electricity: Energy charged at 14.60 pence per kWh including VAT. Service charge priced at 9.62 pence per kWh including VAT.

Catamarans may be charged at 1.5 times the standard rate applicable and space is subject to availability

Charter, commercial activity and high usage vessels are subjectto agreement and a 20% surcharge

Pump Out: £25.00 per 500 litres

For further information and our Conditions of Mooring please visit our website:


Please enquire with the marina office

Mooring Owned By

SKD Marina Ltd

Mooring Location Ref

E1W 1LA | Latitude: 51.506123 | Longitude: -0.072374 |
Grid Ref: TQ 17741 69210

Mooring Guide

185 berths up to 40m. Annual and Visitor berths available throughout the year

Water & electricity at each berth; up to to 63 amps, three phase.

Free wifi.

Washrooms and self-service laundry with 24hr access.

Mooring Info

St. Katharine Docks is located just downstream of Tower Bridge.

When approaching the marina during lock operating hours, and when Tower Bridge is in sight, contact 'St. Katharines' on VHF CH80 or via telephone. The lock operates 2 hours before HW and 1.5 hours after HW. Exact lock times can be found on our website.

If waiting for the lock, 6 moorings buoys are located downstream of the lock entrance and may be used by boats up to 15m. If these moorings are occupied, vessels can wait on the south side of the river.

When waiting to enter the lock crews should listen to both VHF Ch 80 for marina operations and to 'London VTS' on VHF CH14 to be aware of river movements.

Electricity is available and is recharged based on meter readings. Water and Wi-Fi are provided free of charge. Pontoon access is available using a visitor pass. Floating washroom facilities can be found in the East Dock of the marina and shore based facilities in the Haven building, beside the lock. Pump out facilities are available to visitors.

Tidal Times

* As supplied by

London Bridge (Tower Pier) Tide Times for Sunday, 31 May 2020

Low Tide: 02:50 Height: 1.00m

High Tide: 09:09 Height: 6.30m

Low Tide: 15:17 Height: 1.50m

High Tide: 21:38 Height: 6.10m

Harbourmaster's Notices

M4 Bridge Construction River Closure

Read Notice

M4 Bridge Construction River Closure contingency

Read Notice

Lock and River restrictions update 20th May 20200

Read Notice

Guidance Note 8 Lock and River restrictions 22nd May 2020

Read Notice

Update to Guidance note 8

Read Notice

Further update River and Lock Restrictions 23 May 2020

Read Notice

M4 Smart Motorway River Closure Update

Read Notice

Update re obstructions at Iffley and Sunbury

Read Notice

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* Please note - The journey calculator is based on travelling downstream at an average of 8km/h in normal river conditions. It excludes locking time as that is so variable. If travelling up stream please allow extra time for your journey.

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