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TVM has been created for the benefit all those who love the River Thames.  Boaters (no matter what sort of craft), landowners, householders, walkers, cyclists, people who fish - we all have a shared interest in the wellbeing and good management of the river and its banks.

The idea for TVM came from Rex Walden, a residential boater since 2003.  He arrived on the Thames in July 2013 and experienced at first hand the joys and challenges of finding a mooring and then mooring in a compliant way.

As ex Chair of the Residential Boat Owners' Association (RBOA) and now its Non Tidal Thames Representative, he has repeatedly learnt about the fears and concerns of householders, landowners and statutory authorities who are dealing with the problems created by boaters who overstay on moorings and banksides.

He became aware that the problems surrounding the use and misuse of moorings on the river exist largely because of the lack of suitable moorings both permanent and visitor. This is compounded by the lack of consistency in the frequency and nature of their management.  To make the best use of the moorings that exist and any new moorings that are brought into use requires more consistent management than the current regime can reasonably provide.  It is now considered that consistent management should minimise the need for enforcement and address the negative attitude towards the issue of mooring on the Thames.

Rex established TVM in order to work with boaters, the Environment Agency and other landowners to assist in providing a more welcoming, consistent and easy to understand Visitor Moorings regime. This ultimately will benefit the wider community who love the river, whether it is their home or their neighbour.

TVM hope that the existence of an organisation managing the moorings will encourage other riparian landowners to agree to allow further moorings to be established on their land.  Overstaying is easier to manage when there are enough moorings.

We welcome your comments. This is about making things better for everyone so if you have a suggestion please share it with us.


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